On-Site Coaching / Consulting for Podcast Host

June 10, 2022


Provide experienced Coaching and/or Consulting for the purpose of helping a new podcast host conduct an interview style podcast with internal subject matter experts for a 15-20 minute produced show ~6-8 times per year. The show’s purpose is to help and inform institutional investors while also reducing Investor Relations support calls.

Scope for 2-hour session

  1. In-person for an on-site location within the Metro Atlanta area
  2. Consulting on recommended interview format for 15-20 minute shows
  3. Review of purpose and items of templates and checklists (details below)
  4. Overview of microphone technique, basics of production, and Host’s responsibilities
  5. Coaching of Interview tactics (story formats, methods, tools, tips, tricks, etc) for Podcast Host
  6. Perform a mock podcast interview (time permitting)

Scope does NOT include (but may be included if time and equipment permits)

  • Serialized story boarding spanning multiple episodes
  • Technical details of recording
  • Technical details of hosting and syndication
  • Examples, demonstration, or instruction of podcast production
  • Any other items not included in Scope above

Deliverables at start of session

  1. Podcast Host Pre-Record Checklist
  2. Template for Podcast Host
  3. Visual document of interview tactics for Podcast Host
  4. Template for INTERNAL Podcast Guest

Updates or changes to scope from June 10, 2022:

  • None